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Are you one of those people walking around with feelings and thoughts that are keeping you from feeling peaceful? From feeling like life is fun and enjoyable? Feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed, fatigued with lack of direction? Feeling stuck in a job or relationship? Feeling like your health is deteriorating?

If so, I am here to help you create the peace and balance you have been looking for.



I will help you:

Learn how the stress response works and why you cannot just reason it away
Understand the impact stress has on our health
Learn effective stress reducing techniques
Gain long term control of your negative thoughts and uncomfortable symptoms
Learn practical tools to interrupt the stress cycle and create a relaxed body and mind
See how every challenge can be an opportunity to grow

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About Beth Tuttle


My name is Beth Tuttle. I am a mom of two daughters, a wife, a coach and a speaker. I find that the majority of my coaching revolves around stress which usually shows up in the form of worry, fear and doubt.  I help people develop a toolbox of techniques that will allow them to stay calm and relaxed even when stress shows up in their life. Stress is a signal or alarm within your body that gives you the opportunity to identify and adjust your perception of any situation. If you do not address it when it shows up, you end up tired, sick, depressed and eventually riddled with health issues.

I have personally witnessed what stress can do to someone’s health. For years my husband constantly battled with health issues. He was almost always plagued with joint pain and muscle pain in his shoulders, back, hips and knees. He also suffered with diverticulitis that landed him in the hospital on many occasions. At one point a surgeon told him that he would have to have part of his intestine removed.  He would have times where he really struggled with depression and fatigue. He experienced a severe food intolerance which led to systemic candidiasis throughout his body. In 2008 he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Talk about a kick in gut! The “C” word! Up to this point I had always considered myself a person who handled stress well. I usually maintained a very positive attitude and would always look for the silver lining in any situation. When this hit our family, I really felt like the rug was being pulled out from underneath me. My mind was racing and it sounded something like this.

Would my husband survive this?

What do I tell my girls?

When would he be able to work again?

Would he lose his job?

How will we pay the bills?

Will we lose our house?

How will I manage everything by myself?

At this point fear had taken over and I could no longer find a silver lining.  I was now fully aware that stress was a part of my everyday life. I could feel it changing my personality and how I responded to things, I was experiencing mood swings crying one moment, frustrated and angry the next, I started to have severe skin issues over my  entire face, it was hard to sleep and I just felt consumed with worry.

I had bigger questions though…

Why did my husband get cancer?

Why did he struggle with health issues most of his life?

Why did I rarely have health issues?

Do we actually have some control over our health?

Does stress really affect our health?

Up to this point, I had already been on a path of self-growth and spirituality, so I knew there had to be a way to achieve better health, happiness and inner peace. I felt this overwhelming desire to find out  more about our bodies, how the mind/body connection works, and how much control do we really have over our health. I read numerous books, attended seminars, talked with specialists and became a certified Level II EFT practitioner. The one main factor that kept coming up as a reason why so many people do not experience a healthy, happy life was STRESS.

The techniques and tools I learned profoundly changed my family’s life! My husband has remained cancer free, and my entire family remains healthy and happy.

I created this website so I could teach you how to better understand your body’s stress response, become aware of the role stress plays in your life, realize the affects it has on your body, identify the areas in your life that are causing stress, become aware that most of our stress comes from a conflict of values and teach you proven techniques that will help you to eliminate unnecessary stressors which will allow you to better manage the stress you experience.

I am excited to share what I have learned over the years in the hope that you will find an a-ha moment that will empower you to live a life you love. That is your birthright, and it is time for you to embrace the idea that you are an infinite being full of infinite possibilities. I want you to realize that you are the creator of your life. The possibilities are limitless! Let me help you unlock your body’s natural healing power which will allow you to create a life that is happy, healthy, abundant and on purpose!

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