Clear Negative Emotions and Anxiety

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All of us carry around a set of beliefs that we have downloaded throughout our childhood. Many of them do not serve us. In fact, many of us are operating with an outdated program in our brains. 

We are dealing with unhealed hurts caused by our parents, loved ones, friends and as we grow up it plays out in our adult relationships. Some of us may have suffered traumatic events. All of these things cause us anxiety, worry and/or depression. 

On top of that we live in a fast pasted, stressful world that never turns off thanks to technology. 

So how do you return your body to a calm stare and get rid of negative emotions you are carrying around? 

Watch my video and follow along!

Like I encourage you in almost all of my videos, try it for 30 days!

What are some ways you use to deal with negative emotions?

With Love and Gratitude, 


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