“I had never heard of EFT before I met Beth. I work with Beth to address my issues associated with general anxiety. I can honestly say since adding to my therapy EFT one-on-one’s with Beth, I have gained additional coping skills that address my energy levels that are depleted by anxiety. I highly recommend EFT with Beth. It is helping me!” Lisa A.

“I was experiencing excruciating lower back pain where every movement sent stabbing pain through my spine. Beth began tapping with me and was able to eliminate my pain in less than 10 minutes! I was blown away at how quickly it worked. I have added EFT to my daily regimen, and I know it helps me to stay calm and relaxed when I would normally just react” Eric

“I lost my grandfather to cancer over a year ago and the last few weeks of his life were imprinted in my mind. I would wake up with nightmares because of it. My grandfather was always smiling and looked extremely healthy but the last month of his life he was frail, very pale and literally looked nothing like the grandfather I remembered. Beth was able to tap with me and help me not only eliminate that memory but replace the memory! Now when I think of my grandfather I see him smiling and healthy, exactly how he would want me to remember him! I cannot thank Beth enough!” Dee L.

“I felt stressed out all of the time about my weight and have tried tapping on my own for months with some fair results, but when I started tapping with Beth things really started to shift. I was amazed at how much ground she could cover and the unique ability she has to be a great detective which allowed her to really tap into my core issues and blocks so we could eliminate them. I never realized how my belief system played a part in my eating habits. Some things she helped me uncover were linked way back to my childhood. She really helped me feel empowered. I have actually started to see a change in my body! She is a wonderful listener and very compassionate. I would highly recommend working with Beth!” Deb G.

“WOW! Who would have ever guessed that this tapping thing would profoundly change my life! I was skeptical at first. I could not understand how tapping on my face would help solve anything. Thanks to Beth, I have now been able to eliminate issues I was having in some relationships, financial stressors and on the job demands. She has taught me a tool that I literally use daily in my life. It allows me to stay calm so I can come up with a solution instead of letting my monkey mind run the show! Beth and tapping have been a blessing!” Jill

“I was suffering with severe pain from what I believe to be TMJ. The pain was so bad I could not even tap on myself. Beth began tapping on my hand and fingers for about 15 minutes while I sat with my eyes closed. When she stopped and asked me how I felt, I was speechless because the pain in my jaw and head had completely melted away! She has used EFT and other energy tools with me to also eliminate life stressors and blocks that I have been carrying around for many years. I use the acupressure points she taught me weekly when I feel I am getting anxious. Beth is a wonderful coach.” Nicole

“The 1st time I was introduced to EFT, I was in the middle of a very hectic, stressful move when a mirror had fallen on the top of my foot, I was moving into a 3rd floor apartment, no elevator, just stairs and the very 1st load getting out of the truck it happened. I fell to the ground in excruciating pain, but I did not have time for this, I kept moving, the pain wasn’t going away just worsening and swelling. I went back to the old house and was FORCED to sit down by my friend (Beth) who was helping me move at the time. She said she wanted to introduce me to something that might seem a little crazy, but to just trust her. She told me to copy what she was doing and she started tapping on her hands, face and chest while saying phrases that she wanted me to repeat……I thought she was out of her mind!! I reluctantly sat down and took a deep breath and Beth started asking me to describe the pain in detail. I then began cursing at the pain and laughing in between tap, tap, tap on my forehead and chest feeling ridiculous and just kept thinking of all the boxes I needed to move. She kept at me with this tap, tap, tap and I went along with it and started to really calm down. I listened to every word she said continued to tap and once the session was done, no shit, my foot didn’t hurt any more. I felt like this was nuts, tapping this angst and pain out of my foot just like that, but it worked. I felt a sense of overwhelming relief, calmness, to continue with my move and never thought of my foot hurting because the pain was gone, it was released thru this tapping deal. Who would have ever thunk!!!!!!!!!! After my 1st experience with EFT, I have since found it useful in my everyday life, the stresses in life. I am a single parent with a preteen daughter, going thru her own stressors, juggling finances, working a full time job that has a 95% male employment. I cannot deny I use EFT in my everyday world, it calms me, it helps remind me that I am worthy of letting things go, whether it is an ache or pain, some jackass on the road, mother nature and her sense of humor to live in Michigan during the winter, or my daughter yelling at me because she can’t figure out a math problem or her hair isn’t cooperating 5 minutes before heading to school. I tap out the negative energies that come often sometimes unexpected and let it go and remind myself by using EFT, I can get through that moment to release it and not punch a wall or scream back at my daughter because some guy at work was a jerk earlier in the day. All of those feelings that surface at times, I take a deep breath tap them out and reinforce the positive energies, I can feel a physical change in my body occur and sometimes tears will just start streaming and I realize through EFT it is my body releasing negative energy and then all of the sudden I am calm again. I will stop and think to myself what just happened here? No way is this possible, that simple….. but it is just that simple! I am grateful Beth shared such a wonderful tool with me. She is a great coach and I continue to work with her when I need to break through “deeper” blocks. I highly recommend her!” Jennifer C.

“I have been struggling with anxiety and depression over the past few years and decided to try tapping as a way to treat these issues. I bought the book The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner and began watching YouTube videos on how to tap. I quickly realized I was going to need some guidance in order to be truly effective with my tapping, and that’s when I got in contact with Beth. During my first session we discovered that I didn’t have many specific incidents to tap on, so we started by talking about my psychological and emotional state to pinpoint the problem. Long story short, it turns out that the constant negative dialogue I play in my head throughout the day is the true culprit. We tapped on this, and then Beth gave me lots of tips, tricks, and homework to help stop the negative self-talk and start shifting to a state of self-love and acceptance. She has felt like a therapist, a spiritual guide, and a friend, and I am so grateful that she came into my life. I would recommend Beth to anyone!” Kelsey

“When I met Beth I had never heard of tapping or the other techniques she uses to relieve stress. I just told her I knew I needed to work on my energy level. I was in a job where I no longer felt fulfilled but had no clue how to change that. I was also struggling with weekly headaches and neck pain. During my very first appointment with Beth I felt this incredible weight being lifted off of my shoulders. I could not believe that these simple and sometimes strange looking techniques could help me become more clear on what I needed to do and release the tension in my body. I cannot say enough about how caring and patient Beth is and she makes it a lot of fun.” Allie K.

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